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I fuck Daughter

I’m a 36 year old man, divorced, single, stressful job, and find it delightful to have sex with my 15-year-old daughter, call her Candy.
It all started when she was thirteen. It was a Saturday and had the day off from work. I hadn’t seen Candy for over a year and I felt okay with that since we weren’t close. Yet.
That day, however, the ex-wife decided to drop her off at my place. At first, I was frustrated about the idea. I had already planned a relaxing evening. Then she knocked on my door. I opened it, and instead of seeing a little girl, I saw a little girl who had filled-out. I was so amazed. She had straight brown hair that stopped at her shoulders. Her eyes were hazel and her skin a nice Olive tone. Her lips glossy pink and pouty. Her body was delectable and youthful. Her breast, through the white blouse, looked small but very perky. Her tight jeans revealed a very curvy set of legs. Not skinny at all but not too thick. Very athletic.
“Hi Daddy.” She said. I sensed her tone a bit… seductive.

“Hi Candy.” I said gulping, “Come in. Make yourself comfortable”
She walked in. As I closed the door I couldn’t help but check her out as she walked into the living area. She had the best bubble butt I had ever seen. I felt horny and hard.
After some small talk and catching up, I suggested we watch a movie. She agreed.
So I turned off the lights and started the film. Candy sitting right next to me. Hip to hip. I was afraid she might see me bulking up in my pants from feeling her so close.
About fifteen minutes into the movie, it happened. She looked up at me and I looked at her glossy eyes. Her lips so wet and inviting. I wrapped my hand around her little shoulders and pulled her closer. Her hand suddenly rested on my lap, and I felt her touch my huge cock.
At first, I thought she would be disgusted. But instead, she began to caress it.
“Do you love me now, Daddy?” She asked seductively. Her warm minty breath hitting my chin. My cock got bigger as she stroked it faster through my pants. She felt that and began unzipping them.
I leaned and began to kiss her little mouth. Our wet tongues caressing as she pulled my pants down and I began to unbutton her blouse. I felt her small hand wrap around my huge cock and she began jacking it off.
Feeling so horny, I ripped her blouse off of her and ripped her little training bra in two. I looked down to see her beautiful teenaged breast swelling as I cupped them and massaged them.
“I love your rough hands.” She whispered.
I began to put my fingers in her mouth and she began to lick them with her warm wet tongue.
I started to unzip her jeans and then pulled them off along with her wet undies. Her legs thighs were smooth, and milky. Her pussy was hairless, and not from shaving, her hair just hadn’t grown there yet. When I began massaging her tight little pussy, my daughter let out a squeal of both pain and tons of pleasure.
“Are you a virgin for Daddy?” I asked her.
“Yes Daddy.” She whispered.
I then began fingering her. She let out more squeals and began ejaculating my cock faster than before.
“Oh yes baby.” I said, feeling so much pleasure I felt like exploding. “Lick baby girl.”
I laid back across the couch and carried her little body on top of me. “Now turn around baby,” I instructed, “We’re going to 69 each other.”
She turned around so that her little pussy was on my face. I felt my the tip of my cock go into her warm mouth. It FELT SO GOOD! As her little tongue began licking at it.
In return I began to lick her pussy lip and suck and bite at it. Gentle at first, the more aggressively.
“Ah!” she shrieked with my penis in her mouth. Then I began sticking my tongue inside her pussy and fingering her tiny asshole. Her pussy began to squirt her love juice out on my tongue.
Feeling like I was going to explode, I said, “All the way in baby!” I didn’t realized I was breathing so hard ‘til I said that.
My brave girl, feeling my anguish of pleasure and despite my fingering and licking of her pussy and asshole, she swallowed my whole cock. I felt it go down her tight throat.
“Oh baby!” I said as I began to fuck her mouth. “You’re so fuckin’ good!” I said in between breaths.
And then, I felt it. Inside my daughter’s mouth, my cum shot down her throat. I began to pull out, and when I did, my daughter began licking the tip of my penis as she caught her breath, letting my cum hit her face. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t choked.
I was so tired already, but she kept licking it. Then she began to rub her wet pussy on my face.
“Keep licking me Daddy, I like to cum.” She said in her childish voice. “Feels soooo good!”
I began licking her again. And I began to feel my cock get harder again.
“Ooh Daddy.” She said, “Wanna fuck me?”
I then spanked her juicy ass. “You’re bad little girl.”
She giggled, so I spanked her again and then pulled her off me aggressively and threw her on the carpeted floor.
“Are you gonna punish me?” She asked spreading her legs and pulling her knees up to her ears. I admired her little pussy opening up like a flower with all the nectar still oozing out.
I jumped on top of her and began kissing her and groping at her like an animal.
“Oh Daddy! Punish me! That means you love me!” She screamed as I poked at her pussy with my cock. It was so tight down there, that I had to help my cock get in by spreading her pussy wider with one finger.
“Ahhh! Daddy!” She screamed in pain and pleasure.
It was so warm inside her, so tight, that when I started pushing harder, I felt things break. Her knees bend around my shoulders and I began to fuck her hard. She screamed and squeezed her eyes shut but that only added to the pleasure. I began fingering her ass again. I pulled out of her pussy and shoved my cock up her ass. She screamed some more. Her asshole was tighter than her pussy! And that made my cock harder.
I pulled off her fucked little ass and went back into her pussy. I fucked her harder… Harder… Harder… HARDER!
“Ahhhhh! Daddy! I love you! Ah!.” She screamed and squealed.
Finally, I began to cum inside her. Everytime it squirt she would go softly “Ah… Ah… Ah.”
Then I pulled out. And it was over. Our first time. We both laid there catching our breath.
“I love you Daddy.” She said “Do you love me?
“I always have.” I said, “But now more.”

Daddy & Uncle Fuck Daughter

As my daughter stood over the sink washing dishes, I couldn’t help but admire the way her short summer dress clung to her curves, outlining the tight globes of her ass cheeks. The dress flowed down to just below her ass and ended, revealing long lean 18 year old thighs that I knew had never been touched. I sat at the table, trying to keep the drool from spilling out of my mouth as she bent over to place another plate in the dishwasher. The tiny string thong she was wearing barely covered what I could see of her sweet young mound. I wondered if she knew that her dress crept up every time she bent over. My younger brother coughed gently, and I tore my eyes off her ass to look over at him. He was also staring at her with heated eyes, and I smirked. 

At 26, he was good looking, tall and lean and in very good shape. I was 11 years his senior, but my body was no where near as athletic as his, seeing as how he was a fireman and I was an office supervisor. I knew we had one huge thing in common though, we both lusted after my 18 year old daughter, and we had conspired a plan to fuck her tonight, after my wife had gone to bed. My 7 inch cock was already hard at the sight of her sweet young cunt, and the thought of the nights activities were almost more than I could bear. I smiled at Donald, and then went into the guest bath at the end of the hall, pausing to give my daughter Genna a sweet soft kiss on the forehead.

'I love you daddy.' She whispered, smiling up at me as I stared down, first in her gorgeous chocolate eyes, and then down the front of her dress at the twin mounds of creamy flesh barely concealed by the tight sundress. I nodded, giving her another gentle kiss and a playful smack on her firm ass before making my way to the bathroom to jerk off. As I stood above the toilet, my hand encircling my cock and moving slowly up and down, I grinned. I imagined the way the night would go. I had already slipped some of Donald’s sleeping pills into my wife’s wine, so she should be out shortly after eight. I only had two more hours to wait until I could slip my hard cock into my daughter's sweet virgin cunt. The deal I had made with my brother was he could have Genna suck him off, and cum in her mouth, if he helped me ensure that she would never tell a living soul about the night that was about to happen. The thought of her sucking him off while I was pounding her smooth cunt was more than I could bear and I shot my load into the toilet, grunting loudly, and then cleaned myself off and went to mow the lawn. 

The hours crawled by and as the sun set, I did my chores and then went up to hop in the shower. When I jumped out, my cock still rock hard and throbbing, I strolled into the bedroom to find my wife asleep on the bed, snoring softly. Half past eight, right on schedule. I grinned and walked over to her, pinching her nipple through her nightgown. She didn’t even flinch. I leered down at her as I slipped a pair of flimsy boxers on and went down to the basement where our den was. Popping a movie in, I settled back on the huge overstuffed couch, trying to lose myself in the movie in the hopes that my erection would subside. The trick worked, and about half an hour into the movie my daughter strolled in, still wearing her sundress with a wine cooler in her hand. I smiled up at her as she snuggled up beside me, kissing her forehead with tender affection. She giggled softly, and I knew then that Donald had done his job. She was slightly tipsy, but nothing near drunk. I put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to me, nestling her head against my chest and letting my fingers dangle across her shoulder, lightly stroking the silky skin just above her breast.

She sighed in appreciation and nestled even closer. I smiled and nuzzled her hair, then went back to watching the movie, my finger tracing slow sensual circles against her heated flesh. Soon her tiny fingers slid across my bare stomach to rest just above my belly button, playing in the thin trail of hair that crawled down my chest to disappear into my boxers. I shuddered softly, and tried to concentrate on what was happening in the flick, but her tickling fingers so close to my cock made it very hard to think of anything but flipping her over and taking her virginity right there. I resisted with supreme effort and kissed her forehead again, watching her lips closely as she tipped her head back to finish the last of her wine cooler. As she leaned down to lay the bottle on the floor, and her long thick red hair brushed against my erection, making me jump in arousal. She tilted her head to look up at me, and then stood up.

'I am kind of sleepy daddy, I might go to bed.' She stretched then, her arms up in the air and I groaned softly as that sundress crept up her thighs to show the bright pink scrap of material covering her cunt. She looked down at me, smiling sleepily as she let her arms fall to her sides. There was no way in hell I was going to let her get away from me tonight, I thought to myself.

'Just fall asleep on Daddy’s lap baby girl and I will put you in bed as soon as the movie is over.' I said, my voice rough with desire and longing. She smiled as I reached up to turn her around, my hands resting on her hips for a moment longer than they should before lowering her to my lap. Once her weight was settled, I pulled her hips back to snug her ass tight against my cock, nuzzling my lips against her soft warm neck, as my other hand smoothed her hair back and brought her head back to rest on my shoulder. She giggled softly as my lips teased against her neck, and then after a few minutes drifted off into light slumber. I stared down her body, starting at her creamy breasts that were begging to be released from the confines of the sundress. My eyes wandered down her flat stomach to the triangle at the apex of her thighs, which the dress was barely covering. Down to her tanned thighs, which were spread across my lap, on either side of my legs.

After waiting a few moments for her to get into a decent sleep I eased her body higher on my lap and reached down between her legs, pulling the slit in my boxers open so my erect seven inches could spring out. I then let her slide back down slightly, so my cock was rubbing fully against her satin covered cunt, and the heat of it against my cock made me groan out loud. I could see the head poking up between her firm thighs, and I slowly thrust myself up, rubbing the full length against her cunt as my hands crept up slowly, to unbutton the buttons on the bodice of her dress. She moaned softly, but remained asleep as I undid them until her top fell open and her full size D cups slid out. My breath caught in my throat as I stared at the semi hard rosy nipples tipping the creamy flesh, and my mouth puckered, just begging to suckle them in and swirl my tongue around them.

I let my fingers slowly ease the dress further apart, and then dip down to softly caress the soft satin skin under her mounds, easing my cock up and down slowly and gently between her legs. She stirred softly, and turned her head to look at me. I smiled as her sleepy tipsy eyes opened, a look of confused desire darkening them as she stared at me.

'Daddy, what are you doing?' She murmured, wetting her lips and squirming slightly. I just smiled back, my love for her showing in my eyes and then leaned forward, to place my gentle yet urgent lips on her soft wet ones. She grunted in surprise at first, wiggling as she began to wake up, but I kept gentle pressure on her mouth, sliding my tongue up and down her lips until they parted to let me inside her mouth, as my hands slowly eased up to roll her nipples in my fingers. Once her nipples were hard, and her mouth pliant and willing against mine, I began to massage the breasts softly, running my palms over and over against her hard peaks as I thrust my cock up and down between her hot thighs, feeling her begin to get wet against my shaft. I suckled her tongue, seducing her until she was moaning softly. My hands slid from her heaving breasts down her soft silky tummy to rest on her hips, my thumbs hooked in the band of her panties as I kissed her, slowly making love to her with my tongue.

She whispered the word daddy into my mouth, as my fingers slid the band of her panties down, to reveal the smooth hairless top of her mound. I traced slow circles on the top of her cunt with my fingertip, and then slid it slightly lower to dip into the warm wetness of her slit under her panties. She gasped in pleasure, but my mouth swallowed her gasp as I continued to fuck her with my tongue. My index finger played with her wetness, not dipping any further for fear of scaring her too easily. I made sure it was coated with her virgin juices, and then brought my hand up, pulling my mouth away from hers and tracing the finger wet with her arousal around her full pouting lips, until they glistened. She smiled softly, her eyes glazed over. I lifted her up in my arms as I stood, and turned around to place her in a semi sitting position on the couch, her legs spread out in front of me. 

I looked down at her for a minute, before bending over to slide her panties off. I lifted her hips up, and took the material in both hands and pulled, watching as each inch of her pink, wet, hairless cunt appeared before my starved eyes. She giggled, her eyes fastened on my straining cock as I slid the panties down her thighs, lifting each foot in turn until they were completely off.

I then knelt in between her legs, bringing the material to my face to inhale her sweet aroma deeply before flinging them to the side. I leaned forward, smiling up at my daughters adorable face until my mouth was hovering right above one of her pink nipples. Her eyes flashed with uncertainty, but before she could protest I swooped down to take the peak into my hot drooling mouth. I moaned her name as I rolled the nipple around in my mouth, one of my hands teasing the other peak as the other hand slid down her tummy to rest against her hip. She whimpered in pleasure, arching her hips up to grind her wet virgin cunt against my stomach. I shuddered, quickly switching sides to the other nipple, suckling and rooting like an animal against her breasts, my hands sliding up and down her stomach, then around her back and down to her ass. I pulled her hips up so that her cunt nestled against my stomach, soaking my skin.

This was how my brother Donald found us when he walked in. My mouth was ravaging her breasts. My hands flexing on her ass, pulling, her cunt up to grind against me while her hands were on my head pulling my face down against her nipples shiny with my saliva. 

'Isn’t this an interesting situation.' I heard him say, followed by a low chuckle. I smiled slightly as I lovingly rolled my tongue around her nipple, feeling her freeze beneath me. My hands massaged her ass gently, and I continued to suckle gently on her nipple for a moment before letting it slide out of my mouth. I turned my head to see him standing at the base of the stairs, watching us closely, and his eyes were hot with desire. I smiled at him, resting my head on her heaving chest and continued to pull her cunt up against my stomach, my fingers playing on her ass. She was frozen solid, and a low keening whimper was coming out of her mouth as she stared at her uncle in fear and shame. Her chest began to heave as she started to cry. Reality was penetrating her mind as she realized that her father was ravishing her breasts, feeling her hot cunt against his stomach, and that the tip of his cock was lightly brushing against the underside of one thigh. I didn’t say a word, I just lay there on top of her chest, smiling a secret smile and watching one of her nipples tremble right in front of my eyes.

'Now Genna, there is no need to cry sweetheart.' Donald said, strolling closer until he was standing beside the couch, staring down at Genna's gorgeous face, and her body spread out beneath her fathers. Crystal tears were running down her cheeks and her lower lip trembled. 'Here is the deal...I will promise not to tell your mother about your nocturnal activities with your father, on one condition.' With that, Donald trailed a fingertip down her cheek to trace her lips, slowly inserting the thumb into her mouth and making her suckle it for a second. He waited for her hesitant nod before continuing, taking his finger out of her mouth and reaching down to unzip his pants. 'If you suck my cock, and do as I say, I will let you and your father continue with your activities, but should you refuse anything that I say, I will tell your mother and the rest of the family.' 

I looked up at Donald and winked. Genna looked down at me, tears running down her cheeks. She whispered the word daddy, and I nodded, telling her she had better do what he says. With that done, I ignored all else and went back to suckling on her nipples, making them hard for me once again and then I began to kiss my way down her flat stomach, my hands playing with her asscheeks and lifting her hips up. I paused to kiss her belly button, slowly tracing a circle around it with my tongue and then licking and kissing lower until I was kissing the top of her mound. I leaned back, looking up when I heard her frightened whimper, to see my brother had his 9 inch cock out and was tracing it slowly across her cheeks, one of his hands in her hair forcing her to be still. His other hand was reaching down to roll her nipple between his fingers. I grinned, and then lifted her thighs up and placed them on my shoulders, so that her cunt was positioned directly in front of my face. I grabbed her hips with both hands and jerked her down on the couch, the control I held over my desire slipping as I roughly pulled her down until her cunt was a mere inch away from my mouth.

I looked up again, watching as Donald put a hand on each side of her head, and butted his cock against her lips. She refused at first, turning her head, but he slapped her across the cheeks with his shaft several times roughly, and she timidly turned back and opened her mouth. He crammed the head of his dick in and that was the last thing I saw before I lost myself in her sweet cunt. I buried my face in her twat and ate her like a starving man, my tongue everywhere at once. Flicking against her clit, nuzzling against her thighs, sliding into her sweet hole, my hands inched back down and began to play with her ass again, spreading the cheeks. As I ate her, the only sounds in the room were the slurping of my tongue, and the slapping of Donald's balls hitting her chin as he face fucked her roughly. I let drool and juice pour out of my mouth as I ate her, not bothering to swallow much. It dribbled down her crack to coat her ass, and then dripped down to cover my cock and thighs as I knelt there eating her cunt. My index finger began to trace slow circles against her puckered ass hole, teasing it as my tongue flicked and teased and suckled against her clit. She groaned and I felt her body tense as an orgasm neared her, her tiny pink cunt was fluttering against my mouth, and I knew it was time to make my move.

I slipped her slick thighs off my shoulders and pulled a pillow off the couch to place under my knees, elevating me. I then pulled her hips further off the couch, looking down at my swollen cock head only inches away from her shining wet cunt. I leaned up to watch my cock ease closer to her cunt, before taking a nipple in her mouth again, glancing up at Donald's rough chuckle. He had taken his cock out of her mouth, and she was rooting for it, her eyes closed like a baby, nuzzling her face against his thighs and nuts, her mouth open and begging for him to put his cock back in. The sight of it was too much. I reared back, using one hand to guide the tip of my member to her cunt hole, and then braced my hands on either side of her hips, pulling her slowly onto me until just the tip of my cock was buried in her tight hole. The sight of my cock, the head purple, and leaking precum as it pushed against her slippery wet cunt was unbelievable. I groaned, the squeeze unbelievable as I slowly inched my way into her. Her spongy, soft pussy lips slowly opened for me, allowing the shaft of my cock into her tight fuck tunnel. I felt her cherry give a weak resistance when I was about an inch and a half in. She was writhing now, and Donald was face fucking her again with long slow strokes, both of his hands on the back of her head forcing her lips down on his cock.

I growled like an animal, bringing both my arms to circle around behind her shoulders hooking my hands on them for support. I then thrust all seven inches deep into her cunt, ripping her cherry to shreds. Her wet little cunt gripped me like a velvet glove, encasing my cock in hot wet paradise. My nuts slapped wetly against her ass cheeks as I paused, buried deep within her while she thrashed in pain, grunting and gagging from around Donald's cock, trying to breath and get away. I kissed her shoulder gently, hugging her close to me, and then began to stroke in and out of her. The only sounds now in the room the sounds of deep wet fucking as my cock slid in and out of her hot wet cunt, covered with the slickness of her arousal and virgin blood. Donald groaned that he was going to blow his load, and he came, deep in her mouth. She gagged, and I looked up at her face as I fucked into her, harder now, to see his cum dribbling out of her mouth from around his cock, as she was unable to swallow it all. 

I grunted her name, and began to pound into her, her body shaking with my efforts as I forced my meat deep into her body, the need to fill her with my cum urgent now. My swelling balls slapped her ass over and over, the wet noises bringing me to the brink as I imagined I would be cumming in her ass next. I bit her shoulder roughly, shoving her down on my prick as hard as I could, making sure my cock was buried deep inside her when I came, filling her with my hot seed. I jerked and moaned, my body twitching as my hips humped against her groin. My cock spurted load after load of thick cum deep into her womb. I rested my sweaty head against her shoulder, leaving my cock deep inside her cunt as I tried to catch my breath. Donald was wiping his now soft dick off on her lips and cheeks, and I realized with a start that she had not yet cum. Well the evening was young, and we had plenty of time for that. I smiled a secret smile, my cock already hard again for round two.


Firstly I thank full to ISS owner he created an enjoy full site for improvement of sex in the life. If any very old men read out these iss stories his tool must be erected and he want to fuck any girl or woman. Friends I am 40 years old man have a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter (Rekha)16 years and a son 12 years. I were started to read iss stories since last 3 years I liked these stories so much specially incest stories. I am a healthy and very very sexy man but my wife is religious manner woman and she doesn’t more interested in sexual practice so I search other ladies for sex and I fucked lot of ladies in my life. Continuously reading of iss stories mostly incest my thinking have been changed and I were start to thinking about my own daughter. 

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Evening time Rekha prepared the dinner she didn’t see toward me she feeling shy and hesitation to talk with me and she finished kitchen work very fast. She displayed food on dining table and called me dad dinner is ready, I said ok my baby I am coming. During dinner I were peeped her continuously she was understand that what I were seeing her face gone red pink. After finishing dinner Rekha gone to her bed room and closed the door but didn’t bolted inside after some time I gone to my daughter’s room she was sitting on her bed as I gone inside she got up I told her what happened baby she replied nothing papa. I gone near her and sat on her bed and told her to sat down. She was seen downward I asked her baby are you completely read the book she replied yes papa I said give me the book she given me I start to read the 2-3 page then asked to her which story you like she nothing replied then I told her oh come on baby why are you shy and hesitation with me I am your dad and from today become your friend ok and I kissed her and told baby your are very beautiful and sexy. She said oh papa you are so naughty I replied yes I am naughty because of that I am your dad. I rushed near her and put my hand on her thigh and start rubbing on her she getting current in her whole body she severing. Now she gone excited so much I told her that baby I know what do you want now ok don’t worry I give you so much pleaser now my hand reached near her pubic place and my other hand on her boobs these are very small and tight she said oh papa what are you doing if any one see us, I replied don’t worry baby we both are agree then no body known about us. 

Friends now we both were excited and want fucking so I pulled her head near me and start long kissing now she cooperated me. I insert my tongue in her mouth and sucked her tongue oh my god what a nice test of my daughter’s tongue. Now I start to unbuttoned her kurta and untied her salwar she didn’t resisted, removed her salwar and kurta now she was in small panty and bra, I unhooked her bra and through it on floor now her both small boobs in front me she didn’t try to hide her boobs now my hand reached on her panty and pulled down from her legs, oh my god now my beautiful daughter was completely nude in front of me, I removed my cloth now I were also nude my dick was fully erected like iron rod as my daughter saw my dick she surprised to see very large and hard dick she told oh my god it is very big, I said baby are you seen your boy friends dick she told yes papa but theirs dicks are small than your. 

I catch her hand and put on my dick and told her baby play with your papa’s dick now it yours ok. She was happy and start to rub my dick fore skin up and down she is seeing forehead of dick. Now spread her legs widely and see my daughter’s pussy, pussy had been wet by some cum dropping. My self opened pussy lips oh my god that is very hot red and very small I put my tongue on pussy and start to suck then inset my tongue. Now Rekha start moaning oooooohhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhaaa papa uuuuuuhhhhhhiiiii and put her had on my head push on her pussy. Now she was on climax her was following continuously. Then I insert one finger in her pussy its hardly gone inside because of that she is yet virgin no body fucked her. Today her dad was going to opened her seal. Friends now she was moaning loudly oooooohhhhhh aaaahhhh uuuuuuuuhhhhhhiiii mmmmmmaaaa pap men marjaugi. I told her don’t worry my lovely baby I am here I will do your treatment. then I put my dick on her mouth and told her to open mouth she opened I insert my dick in my daughter’s mouth and start to fuck her mouth she like this fucking. Now we both in 69 position means I were sucking my daughter’s pussy and my daughter sucking my dick she was moaning oooooohhhhhhiuuuuuu ppppuuuuuuucccchhhh now I were near the end stage and my daughter had been discharged 3 times. I told her baby are you like to eat my cum she replied oh my papa I like to eat every thing of your dick come on dad and i filled her mouth with dick cum she licked all last of drop the she released my dick. I sleep with her side and put my hand on her boobs. We both are sleeping like husband wife. 

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My Brother Broke My Seal

Hi I am Anjali, 28 years old married woman from Nagpur. I have a healthy sex life today. This is my story of losing my virginity. The story began 9 years ago before marriage.
My parents were employed in a local school. I used be home along with my brother Vijay in the afternoon. Often my best friend Alka used to visit me in the afternoon. We chatted the whole day. My brother used to give her looks but she never encouraged him. One day I my practicals got canceled so I reached home a little late. The doors were locked so I opened it with my duplicate keys.
I heard giggles and whispering coming from the room of my brother. I was suspicious and went to check. I peeped from the crack in the door. I saw him sitting with my friend Alka. They were preparing for sex. He sat down and slowly laid her down on the cot. He was wearing shorts. His torso was bare. My friend was wearing saree. Vijay was young and had a fairly healthy body. He was a stout man with flat belly.
His chest was very hairy. He looked at my friend who was standing near the door not knowing what to do. “Come,” he said,” you also lie down.” My friend hesitated. Then she stepped closer to the cot. He shifted his position to the edge of the cot. “Lie here,” he said, patting gently to indicate where he wanted her to lie. For some reason he wanted to lie at the edge.
This position suited me also, because if he was to lie between me and my friend, then I would not be able to see from the door, what he was going to do with her. My friend climbed on the cot at the foot and moved on all fours to reach him. Her saree slid off her shoulder, revealing her big, round tits, packed tightly in her white blouse. The sight of the two breasts seemed to freeze Vijay with excitement for a brief moment.
My friend covered herself again and reclined gently, resting her head on the pillow, a little away from him. I was sure that she was hardly touching him. But he could not keep from touching her. He lay unmoving for a while. Then he raised himself on his elbow and continued to gaze at her lips, her neck, her breast her whole body for a long time, as if he was seeing a woman for the first time. Then, completely overcome by the passion, he grasped her shoulder and bent down to kiss her face. She turned her face away from him.
He lowered his head further and managed to plant kisses on her cheeks, chin and lips. He kissed her a number of times, all noisy, wet kisses that reflected the great lust he was having for her. Then he straightened and looked at her briefly. He then slowly pulled away her sari from her shoulder, uncovering her breasts and belly. My friend impulsively crossed her hands in front of her bosom to cover her boobs.
He brushed away her hands impatiently and placed his palm on her white belly, on the smooth, warm area just below her navel and started to move his hand up. When he reached the navel, he dug his middle finger into it and circled it around a number of times. Then his hand moved to her midriff. A sudden moan escaped her when he squeezed the soft milk white flesh there which had doubled up deliciously with youth.
Then his hand began to journey to her breasts. His palm gently cupped one breast and moved in a circle all over it, as if to feel its size and rotundity. Finally his palm rested at its tip and he squeezed the tit five times, pressing down as he squeezed. I counted as he squeezed. He did the same with the other breast. Though my friend tried to stop him by holding his hand a couple of times, she was in reality enjoying it all. But she was frightened.
Frightened that I may come home any minute, frightened to reveal her passion to this man who until now she had respected, as she would respect a brother, frightened because she knew that what they were doing was naked sin. She kept on breathing fast and she gulped a number of times between her moans, as if her mouth was watering. Vijay now sat up excitedly. He proceeded to undo the hooks of her blouse one by one. My friend whispered to him, “Please, not now! What if Anjali comes home?”
The bastard ignored her protests completely. She glanced at him timidly, then she looked at his hands which were patiently undoing one hook after another as the thin material of her blouse began to strain because her breasts seemed to be growing bigger and bigger every second. Finally, as the last hook was undone, my friend’s big boobs seemed to jump out to their freedom.
They were big, as big as ripe papaya, with dark nipples that were fully erect. I was quite taken aback by the length of the nipples. Each nipple was almost as long as my little finger. Vijay was trying unsuccessfully to grab one boob in each of his palm. He would hold both boobs in a firm grip and try to lift them up. First he would seem to succeed, then the smooth tits would just slither out of his hand.
He then ran the flat of his palms all over the boobs greedily and kneaded them, first gently and then, as his passion grew, a little roughly. He took the nipples between each thumb and forefinger and pulled them up vigorously. My friend moaned,” Ummm aahh I almost fainted when I heard that moan. Of course, I was not masturbating. I was not even cupping my cunt which, naturally, was very wet. I was simply longing to finger off, though.
But my situation was such that I could not move a muscle. The young man lowered his head and started licking the nipple and the surrounding area of one breast. He opened his mouth wide and took the nipple and also a large portion of the breast itself into his mouth. Then he slowly lifted his head, letting the breast and the nipple slither out. He repeated this several times. Then he suddenly asked my friend to take off her blouse completely.
She hesitated and threw a glance at me. Then, raising her torso she peeled off her blouse. She looked like a sex goddess now. She had round shoulders and arms and a slightly flat belly. Her long, straight hair hung loose and seemed to cover her back completely. Youth had only made her body nothing but juicy. Yes, I was thinking that she looked like a ripe and juicy mango.
She raised her arms to tie her hair and I watched in delight how her big bobs joggled from side to side with her movements. Now Vijay couldn’t hold himself any longer. With his free hand he pulled away his shorts and dropped it on the floor. Underneath he had nothing but erection on. He was stark naked! I saw his penis for the first time. It was a large organ, nearly six inches long.
It was not yet fully erect. Grabbing my friend by her shoulders he climbed over her. “No,” she said, trying to push him off her,” not now. Anjali will come.” But he was not to be stopped.” We will finish it quickly,” he whispered to her and started kissing her cheeks and lips noisily as before, but now with double the passion.
My friend glanced at the door nervously once or twice. I was hardly breathing. The bright light flooding into the room through the window fell straight upon Vijay’s back. I watched as he caught the fat lower lip of my friend between his teeth and pulled at it gently. Finally, she let the hold on herself slip. She let herself be overcome by passion, completely. She threw her fleshy arms around him and began to rub her cheeks with his, her eyes shut, her mind completely relishing the pleasure he was giving her.
She began to moan in abandon, not caring at all whether her friend would come unexpected. The flat of her palms continuously traveled up and down his back; speaking the message that now she was completely with him in this game, that he was not to stop, not until they both had had enough. Vijay, too, was breathing hard and softly moaning like her. As they moved wildly, the cot was creaking noisily, as if it too was aroused.
I watched as twice my friend put her hand between their writhing bodies to hold his erect penis, to squeeze it, to feel its hardness. They continued in this manner for about five minutes. Now they were sweating a little because it was hot, hot and calm. In the day light, sweat shone on my friend’s breasts and belly. They stopped moving. “Take off your sari,” said Vijay, climbing down from her body.”Um,” said she. She tied up her hair again; it had got untied and completely disheveled during their long “wrestle.”
She gently stood up on the cot and began to unfasten her sari. I watched with abated breath as she dropped her sari onto the floor and started undoing the string of her petticoat. The petticoat came down, revealing her smooth, milky white, round thighs and her hairy cunt. Sweat shone on them, like the rest of her.
She lifted her legs to step out of her petticoat. She dropped it and stood on the cot stark naked. Vijay had been watching her all the time, his back resting against the wall, his hand holding his big cock. Light fell on my friend’s naked body, showing every curve. She was every inch a sex goddess. Had I been a male I would have grabbed her there and fucked the daylights out from her. And that was what my brother was doing. Her long hair fell down loose again. But this time she let it be and came down on her knees.
Vijay rose from his position to take her into his arms. She received him with open arms. With both of them on their knees, they hugged each other in a loving embrace, feeling for each other’s body with hands that were restless. I saw Vijay’s hand come to rest on my friend’s ample buttocks, hold them firmly and knead their fleshy round bulk. My friend kissed Vijay on the cheeks and neck. She stroked her cheeks on the hair on his chest.
Now Vijay held her shoulders and made her lie down as she had been lying before. He was going to fuck her. She moaned and looked at him in anticipation. She spread her milky white thighs and he knelt down between them, holding his penis. With his fingers he gently stroked and pulled at the hair on her pussy. She lifted her pussy up to him. Here, take it all, she seemed to be saying.
Now he touched the tip of his cock to her cunt. She froze, waiting. He pushed and I almost broke into the room just to have a closer look at things. He let his cock completely disappear into my friend’s cunt. She moan, a long moan of simply unbearable pleasure. She was not feeling any discomfort which means she was used to fucking before also. This was not their first time and I was unaware of it till date.
He caught hold of her shoulders to balance himself and started to move his pelvis back and forth, back and forth, the cot creaking with his motion. I reached in my panty and started fingering myself. My cunt was wet and needed a cock and that stupid brother of mine was servicing my friend. Um ahhm,” my friend moaned. She did not know what to do with her hands for they were moving in all directions, touching whatever they felt like touching.
They seemed to have a life of their own. He was moving rather slowly. My impatient friend was again and again raising her hips, urging him to move faster. He kept moving for about five minutes and then he began to pant vigorously. Soon he was totally drenched in sweat. He stopped suddenly.
“I’ll lie down. You move.” said the stupid fellow to my friend. So they repositioned themselves. Vijay lay down with his head resting on the pillow. Alka stood with her knees planted on either sides of his body. She guided his equipment into her wet cunt once again and started moving. Oh, how she moved! The cot creaked wildly and I was wondering if it would give away. Oh, how her breasts were jumping up and down with her.
She would pause occasionally to brush away a strand of her loose hair from her face. I was stroking my pussy in the same rhythm as their strokes. She was softly moaning as she moved, giving Vijay the thrill of his life. Vijay lay relaxed. His hands occasionally rose to touch her lovely breasts, or to hold her sweating buttocks. Sometimes she would hold Vijay’s shoulder and lean forward as she moved, her perky breasts hanging flaccidly over his face.
Oh, how the twin papaya would dance. I looked without even blinking, so as not to miss anything. They fucked for ten minutes. Then when their passion was spent, they lay down exhausted in each other’s arms. I also came at that moment. I left the house quietly with a spot on my panty and returned after half an hour to find my brother alone in the house. I could not sleep for many days after that incidence. Whenever I met my friend or my brother I began picturing their activities.
I lost my sleep pondering on their act. I was so disturbed that my studies suffered. I could not forgive my brother for deflowering my best friend. I could not see eye to eye with my brother or friend. And the irony was that my horniness was increasing day by day. I was wet always. One night I felt, some one was feeling me up. The fondling was obvious. With my half open eyes I saw Vijay, pressing my boobs over my blouse. I was so afraid that I immediately shut my eyes. I began enjoying the ministration then suddenly he left the room.
He must have climaxed in his pants by just pressing my boobs. But I was left high and dry. I cursed the ignorant lad. I finger fucked myself before falling sleep again. This made an indelible mark on my conscience. I was oscillating from horny to despair. I had to do something before things got out of hand. I could not sleep the whole night. The images kept flashing before my eyes.
I decided to bare his face before my parents and demorlise him. He was such a demon in the guise of angel. Imagine fucking his sister’s friend who calls him bhaiya. If he can fuck her he can fuck me. He is dangerous for the family members. I must confront him. The bastard of a brother. Next day when we were alone, I barged into his room to confront him but I was shocked at the scene there. There was my brother nude with his cock in his hand shagging off with my photo in his other hand.
I went up to him and gave him a tight slap across his face. He was red faced on being caught in the act. I shouted, “Useless fellow. I will report this to mom and dad. Just you wait.” I rushed to my room with tears in my eyes. How shameless and insensitive could he be.
He came following me to my room and said, “Sorry sister. Please do not say this to dad. He will kill me. I will be ruined for life. I beg of you.” I replied, “What else do you want me not to tell dad. That you were fondling my breasts last night. Should I tell that?” He replied, “Nonsense, I never touched you. Then I prodded, “What about having sex with my best friend?” Heavens fell on him.
He lost balance and fell like a heavy log and began crying.”Please forgive me.”I shouted at him, “How can you give something to my rival which was mine.” He looked at me for meaning. “Do me as you did to my friend Alka or else you are doomed.” He said, “But you are my sister. How can I have sex with you?” I said, “I have no option but to report.” He said, “Alright if you say so.” He was ready for it. We closed the main door for safety.
Once we entered our room, I closed the door, hugged Vijay very tightly and started kissing him hard on his lips. I threw away my sari, blouse and petticoat and stood in front of him in my white bra and panty. I was behaving like a tigress. He was supposed to fuck me but here was I wanting him badly. Both of were fully aroused. I pushed Vijay into the bed. I stripped him off within no time.
He pressed my boobs over my bra and rubbed his nose on my panty, just where my cunt lips were. I think he liked the smell. He then unhooked my bra and removed my panty. Both of us were stark naked now. He admired my nude figure for a while. His cock and my nipples were fully erect now and we were trembling with desire. Oh my Goodness, there was a 6? long pinkish cock fully erect with reddish tip.
It was looking like a gun on him. I had never seen a cock such a beautiful, thick and it was looking ripe and juicy. He started pressing my breasts hard and sucking them vigorously. I pushed myself eagerly towards him with each pressing and sucking. I held his tool tightly and started moving my hands to and fro. It had become rock hard and hot. Then he asked me to lay on my back and spread my legs.
In minutes we assumed 69 positions and started sucking each others organs. Oh my God, I can;t tell how it taste to have a warm, thick, juicy cock in mouth. It was really wonderful I slowly started to suck it from tip to base and I was enjoying this. Mean while he rubbed my asshole with his mouth saliva. He parted my ass cheek with his hand and inserted his finger in my ass hole and slowly started to finger fuck my ass while sucking my pussy.
Then he started to lick my asshole and did some tongue fuck. I was bursting with hotness and was enjoying all this to full. That guy was really master of romance and sex at that time. His sharp and rough tongue was probing my pussy. I was in heaven and I had never enjoyed like this. I screamed, “Ha aha, Vijay suck my whole body”. What I was longing for all my life was coming true! After 10 minutes he cummed in my mouth.
My mouth gets filled with his cum. and then I started to swallow his cum, it was salty, crispy and was the juice of heaven. I swallowed it whole my lips were still cummed covered. I also came with a shattering climax. My juice was flowing down to the beds sheet. We relaxed for few minutes when I was feeling Vijay’s rod and he was lightly touching my pussy. I felt so good. Then asked him what to do, answer was to start fucking.
He was already erect once again and his cock was moving up and down as if in anticipation. I spread my legs, placed a pillow below my big bums and invited him,to fuck me saying that she was for him, He said, “Sister, but one thing, I would like to have your ass also. “Then he took my breasts in his mouth and started to suck it gently and rubbing that. Oh man I can’t explain the feelings at that time. He was really sucking my boobs in such a lovely style and I was red hot at that time.
He was fondling my boobs and sucking them at the same time. He then moved downwards and started licking my pussy and pinching its thick walls. I oozed once again. I could not wait any further. He was preparing my pussy for the fuck. Oh my God that was really enjoyment and I was getting hot and hotter. I shouted, ” Vijay please, don’t wait please fuck me hard because am hungry for the past many days.” With this, he placed his 6 inches tool on my cunt lips and gave a big push.
It did not go inside. It was paining to me. He applied his saliva on the tip and pushed again. I was screaming with pain and asking him to stop but he would not listen. He pushed a little and waited. It went in with flop sound and really hurt me because it was my first fuck. He had broken my hymen and it began bleeding. I screamed holding the pillow and said, “ahahahahahah,do slowly.”
He started moving in and out of my pussy without caring for my shouts. After few seconds, I really started enjoying this fuck. I started pushing myself upwards for his every thrust. I shouted, saying, “Vijay, please do not stop.” He said, “Sister, wait and see”. With his cock in my pussy and my boobs in his mouth, he started to fuck me. His big juicy cock was into my pussy. I started to moan madly. “Uuhhh, ooohhh, aahhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder. What a great fuck I am getting now.
Ouch, ui maaaaaa. Faster, faster . Tear my pussy, make me your slave for life.Do not touch my friend again.”He lasted for almost twenty minutes during which I came twice. Then come the moment and we both ejaculated at same time really. He shot his load in my pussy. Oh dear that was the gun at fire, whole 2 minutes of load shooting.
As far I can remember he cummed in my pussy in ten shots. My pussy got filled. For 10 to 15 minutes there was complete silence, no movement, we laid in each other body. Then I rose up and put my lips on his lips, which were still covered with his cum, and then we kissed each other with our lips covered with each other cums. After about ten minutes, he started kissing me again and his cock was hard in no time.
He said “Sister,now from back side, feel like licking your ass,” I was taken aback. I had heard anal sex. I wondered how such a big rod will get into my small asshole. But I knew that I had very big and shapely bottoms. I remembered those thousands of eyes that used to stare my bottoms greedily. I don’t know how many of them used to masturbate thinking of my big ass. I asked, Vijay, please don’t do so because my ass hole would get torn with such huge cock?”
He said, “I would do without hurting you.”Vijay made me rest on my four limbs like a dog, came behind me and started licking my ass hole and dropped huge mouth saliva on my asshole. He then inserted a finger in it and started moving it in and out.
It seemed as if he was lubricating it with his water and servicing it. I began to enjoy this. He put his cock tip which was lubricated fully with my saliva over my asshole and gently pushed it into my ass hole. In first attempt it was very painful, but he kept it for a while without any motion and then pushed it further into my ass gently and at last it reached deep in my ass.
Now it was feeling wonderful as he started to gently move it back and forth…oh dear that was really amazing. Now also he started to finger my pussy with his hand while fucking my ass. So I was really enjoying and flying in heaven. He put his hands through my arm pits and pressed my boobs hard. Meanwhile, he started fucking me hard in my ass. I was screaming with pain He did not stop, but said, “Sister, please don’t say anything now”.
His cock was moving freely in and out of my ass and I was feeling great. Once again I started yelling with pleasure. He came inside my ass and at the same time fingered my pussy so much that I came twice again. Vijay cleaned my oozing juices with his tongue once again before we retired for the day. The bed sheet was stained with blood mixed with cum.

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Sheela Sex With Arun

sheela was a teller in the local branch of our bank where I had an account.I distinctly remember that Saturday when I had gone to the branch to draw
some money. I presented my cheque at the counter and was chitchatting with some friends until my token number was called. When I went to the counter to collect cash a new bundle of notes was thrown at me and I did not bother to count it and just put it in my pocket. After I reached home I got the shock of my life..Instead of 50000 bucks for which I had written the cheque,I was holding a bundle of 1000 Rs notes amounting to a lac. I immediately called the branch and asked for Sheela..i asked her to come to my house and collect the extra cash before she gets into trouble..she said she will come just after 12 noon when banking hours close and before closing her accounts. At 12.30 the doorbell rang and Sheela was at my door..I called her inside. Sheela is a tremendous female,about 30 years with a voluptuous 40-26-38 figure and with a height of 5'10" to match..I fired her for her carelessness and said she could have lost her job.i brought the full bundle of notes,gave it to her and said count 50 notes and take it. As she was counting I went and sat near her and said"you will pay for your mistake" and saying so I placed my hands on her boobs and started squeezing them..she stopped counting in shock and asked me "what are you doing, sir". I said"Sheela,you are a very desirable lady and I want to fuck you today"."Sir,I am married"she said"please do not do this to me".."Well,in that case you can lose your job" I said and grabbing the bundle of notes I went into the bedroom..She followed me in and said"Please sir,help me.If I lose my job what will I tell my family". 'I will help you if you help my cock"I said..She came close to me and put a hand on my bulge..i knew half the battle has been won."You will stay with me till 9pm tonite and I will drop you after that"I said..'Sir,first let me go to the bank and settle my account and then I'll come back here" she pleaded.."Please give me the money". "OK..Before that let me have a quickie" and saying so I made her lean across the bed and lifted her saree and petticoat and lowered her panty..I took my cock out and blindly entered her pussy while squeezing her huge globes.I started slapping her ass cheeks and shouting"from today,you are my bitch,Sheela,do you understand."she was nodding her head. We quickly dressed up and went to the branch to settle her account.."Be quick" I told her..when she was inside for about 45 minutes I picked up some Chinese food from the restaurant opposite. At 2 pm she walked out of the bank with two female colleagues and was shocked to see me parked on the opposite side of the road. She started walking towards the bus stop with them..I honked twice..After walking 50 yards she told them something and started walking back towards me.As the other ladies turned the corner she got into my car with a broad smile.."clever bitch"I thought. We went home and I said that she can have her lunch only if she eats me first. I led her into the bedroom and removed her saree and the petticoat.Her boobs were majestic and I squeezed them mercilessly..Removed her blouse and she was looking sexy in her black bra.i left it on for the time being..My cot had a headboard and I sat on it..Jutting my cock out I asked her to suck it. My hands were going thru her hair and she was doing a wonderful job of sucking my 8"monster. i was holding her by the ears and moving her head.Suddenly I spurted into her mouth and as I was coming I took my cock out and sprayed all over her face and hair. We had a quick bite of the Chinese food with a glass of beer,sitting nude on the bed itself. Now,she got into the mood..She would wrap the noodles around my cock and then suck it off saying that this is the best Chinese food she has ever had. After lunch I went down on her and started licking her pussy..I had some icecream in my fridge..i inserted a scoop in her pussy and started eating her off. Initially she said it was too cold but after 10 minutes she was coming copiously and this mixed with the sweetness of the icecream took me to 7th heaven.."Sheela,it was too good" I complimented her.. Now my monster was at full mast and I had no option but to fuck her. Slowly inch by inch I insereted my cock but when I was fully inside I thought she can take more. "Is your husband larger than me"I asked..She said No..I asked her how come I feel you can take more..she just smiled and did not explain..i started mounting my strokes and must have enjoyed myself for about 20 minutes..while fucking her I inserted a butt plug in her asshole and it really took her to immense pleasure.. We slept for a short while with my cock positioned at her ass crack and my hands doing full justice to her boobs.Her ass was too good..Very firm,shapely and desirable..I asked her if she had been buggered before and her answer was a smile..i slowly started lubricating her ass hole,first with one finger,then two and finally three. She was quite comfortable and did not complain which led me to wonder whether her husband is a monster. I got her on all fours and inserted my cock..It really slipped in very easily and again I got the feeling that something was amiss..Here was a sex godess and she was taking everything in her stride.."fuck me harder"she screamed while pushing her ass back at my cock. I was getting a bit drained but this bitch was going great guns.. After I finally came and lay on my back she came and licked all muck off my cock..I cleaned out her pussy hole also with my tongue. We had a hot shower and I fucked her one more time by leaning her against the wall. After it was over,both of us got dressed and I went to drop her at her house. She stayed 20 kms away..I suggested dinner although it was only 7.30..She said no..I took her to her street corner and dropped her there as she did not want anybody to see us. Next day I was having some beer with a few colleagues when I mentioned"Do you know what happened yesterday..That teller Sheela gave me extra 50 k. She was lucky it was me as otherwise she would have lost her job".At this Vinod remarked "She must have been daydreaming about Ali when she gave you the cash"."Who is Ali"I asked feeling a little jealous.."Don't you know..He is the state Ranji player in our bank..Rumour has it that he has a massive 12"cock and most girls in the bank are after him. This Sheela,her husband is a wimp..Married for 5 years now and still no kids..Ali humps her regularly mostly on Saturdays after his cricket practice" That explained the feeling I had when I fucked her in the pussy and asshole..That was the only encounter I had with Sheela.
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Arun fucking busty babe Subha
Dear Readers, I used to read the human digest stories regularly. I would like to narrate my story with you and this is the first time i'm writing a story in Human digest.com. First I would like to explain about me and then my friend. My name is Arun.Currently i'm located at chennai and my native is south side of Tamilnadu. I'm 5.2 feet taller and athletic body and an easy goer with any one. My friend is Subha. Her native is from chennai. We came to introduced to each other in our training. Although subha is a black complexion and his 36 c boobs make everyone to fuck her ultimately. Initially I was friendly with her used to speak very jovial touch her hands, pinch her everything was under control sor some moment of time. I used to go to her home and play some games like chess and computer games in her home.But the thing was happpened with each other on her birthday, As it was her birthday she specially invited me for her home. As it was sunday I went around 10 in the morning itself with a cake box and chocolates. She was very happy to see me and invited me inside her home. I just was walked in her home.. She was looking very much pretty in rose colour saree and pallu was slightly adjusted which gives me a clear visible of her boobs. I was watching the tv and she was sitting next to me. In the mean time I came to know that her parents were went to function in her near by town. Sometimes later subha bring me an a apple juice which she made I had a few sips of it and keep in the table suddenly she take the glass and tasted it and said me it tastes very sweet and asked me isn't it. I too replied yeah its nice. In the next moment she put her hand in my thighs and I was out of control and dont know what to do suddenly she hold by penis and asked what is her birthday gift. I told what ever you want I can give you, With smile she replied I want you in my bed as my pillow. Then she guided me to her bed room. I was just kissing her fore head cheeks and all. Then I pulled her into ther bed and had a french kiss both of us were tasting each other saliva's for more than 5 minutes. Subha told me that she eager to have sex with me when I joined in the company itself. in the mean time I removed her saree she was in petticoat and blouse. I just removed her blouse and petticoat. She was standing with just a bra and panty. when touched my shirt she said that she will help in removing it. then she started to remove my t Shirt and my pant. I was in my panty. She too removed it and she some precumming fluids and looked at me in a dare. I was holding her right boobs and out my mouth in left boobs and it was milky taste I was sucking the both boobs for 15 minutes and she accompanying me with the her humping sounds. Suddenly I got an idea and went to the hall bring the cake and chocolates which I brought her as my birthday gift and placed the chocolate all over her body and boobs. Then I started to taste the chocolated all over her body and sucking her boobs for the chocolates suddenly got up and I was downside she take the cake and pinned that pieces over my chest and my face too. she was licking my face and chest it got me more tempted she was tasting all over my body Then I changed her downside and I inserted my middle finger and fucking her with my middle finger and then inserted second and third finger. She cant resist the pain since its the first time she s getting fucked. After few moments she take my penis inserted it inside her pussy id went very easily and fucking her in a missionary position. By the mean hand was caressing her boobs and my lips were busy in tasting her saliva. I cum in her in pussy twice Then we both came to bathroom and each other was helping other in washing their body. she told she was hungry and we want some food. so I went inside her kitchen found some eggs and I made omlette and gave her, Then again our second session started in the evening which will be narrated in next story.
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Real Life Indian Sex Story
Hi myself rahul age 21 living in punjab Im a great fan of KP Indian sex stories. earlier i used to think not to expose my own real Mami but after reading stories i thought to share my experience also let me first describe my mami first she is around 38 years old beautiful eyes and a lovely figure of 36-32-36 to arouse any middle ,young or old age man
It all started when i was in Chandigarh at my maternal grand parents house as i was in the middle of my board class so my parents thought that i should complete my board class so they left me to my maternal grand parents house besides my grandparents my mama and sexy mami were there in the house my mama used to be mostly on tours which left me mami and my grand parents in the house
My nana used to have a small group of friends which used to come to the house for playing cards usually in the evening they used to play cards and i used to join them and serve them tea snacks etc. one day i was sitting with them and my mami was serving them tea first time i saw my mami's huge boobs as she bent down to serve tea and each one of my nana's friend were
Watching my mami 'boobs' they were so big in the first instance i thought to just grab those melons and have in my mouth but hard luck suddenly one of the friend got up and went to the bathroom and i followed him and to my surprise he went in and masturbate uttering my mami name (oh sarita --- aha aha i love u aha aha h and he just jerked)
I was just not in the state of mind what to say and come to my room just thinking of what i just witnessed whole night i was not able to sleep just thinking about my mami's boob and i just masturbate in the night next morning when i woke up mami was in the bathroom i just peeped in and and she was bathing sitting on the stool i was just able to see her back i just got erection and while standing on the door i just jerking out my fluid.

In the same evening same uncle whom i had seen masturbating came bit early from usual time and said to my mami come beta sit with me lets chat till other people come then he took out a small packet and gave it to my mami and said this is for u and tell me if the size is proper or not at this mami asked him what is this.he said a dress which my son has brought for her wife and i m giving it to u and then he gave my mami some perfumes and one packet of chocolate

Mami immediately came to the room and open the packet and to my surprise it was a pair of black colored panty and bra mami got very upset seeing this and went to her room at that time i thought my mami is very nice and blabla but immediately after half an hour she came down and said to me just call the uncle to home and she said her fitting is perfect i was stunned to hear that. Then uncle said her that he wants to see her in that dress, then she said come tomorrow at 12.30 in the afternoon nobody will be there

Next morning no one was at home i just went upstairs and pretended as if i m not at home mami sent all the maids and exactly 12.30 bell rang mami welcomed uncle and straight away took her to the room and said like to have something uncle said just u my darling and mami started removing clothes as i was watching from the other room she was just in panty and bra she was so beautiful that i was speechless

Uncle stood up came near mami and started caressing her body and started kissing her but mami was first hesitant but uncle started kissing her then he just open the strap of her bra ad grab both her boobs from backside He was getting more and more violent with every passing second.

Both of her tits were getting equal attention, he was fondling and pressing and rolling her big nipples one by one with his left hand and his right hand and started kissing her lips and slowly he pushed her on the bed and started sucking her boobs one by one they were so huge that they were not been able to fit in uncle mouth she was mourning heavily and he was sucking her boobs

After almost 20 minutes of sucking he said i want to fuck u my darling and removed her panty it was clean shaved as she was prepared for that .at that time she was totally aroused and she started removing uncle 's clothes and stared playing with his penis and said i m not been fucked for last two months fuck me and uncle pushed her back to make her lay flat on the bed and continued the sucking n fondling.

Now, she was moaning quite loudly. and then started to enter her he started stoking and and the moans of ahah aha aha were clearly audible to me and after some time uncle just got away as if uncle was not in the mood of fuck he said suck my penis first then she took her penis and started sucking and as i was observing from outside she was not happy by taking an old man cock in her mouth as it was small and she was not able to satisfied her then

The old man made his cock in mami mouth at its fullest and leaked her juice in her mouth and just kid next to her then he said to mami that "No one has sucked my cock and made me cum like you did. Is it because you're an expert cock sucking i know i m not able to satisfy u but if u satisfy me like this every time i will pay u 2000 rs for that at this mami said ok lick my pussy

He pushed her down on the sofa and dove between her legs. His mouth covering her pussy, he licked and sucked his way up and down her pussy she hugged her like a cock crazy slut and fondled his cock and balls.

"Oh yes, lick it. Eat my pussy good." and he continued what he was doing, finally pushing two fingers inside of her he started moving them fast and hard, her clit firmly planted between his teeth his tongue teasing it. That's it fuck my pussy. Eat my pussy make me cum." after ten minutes mami cummed and she was lying on the bed as she had no energy left in her body

Then after the fucking session they both went to the bathroom and cleaned them self and he told her next time he will come well prepared
mami sex stories to be continued in next story i will tell u how other oldies fucked my mami and how i got the chance to fuck my mami.